Birthday party and events for children

Would you like a special Birthday party or a little event for your children?
What about Heile-Heile-Clown F I L U ?
It is a pleasure for FILU to make you enjoy your Birthday party.

If Filu does the swinging sail (big top), she needs some space.

She is happy to fulfill your special wishes.

Filu speaks German, basic English and Spanish.

Please feel free to call for further information.

Tel. 0211 – 35 23 44
Mobile: 0152 - 2948 9743

Fee according to agreement.

Have your own little funfair:
  • With funny bubbles,
  • model baloons for example crowns, dogs, jumping mice
  • Juggling with „hankies“ and with plates,
  • joking with a very very small bike,
  • Ocean drum, steel drum, dancing,
  • magic and other wunderful surprises…

Your children might even learn how to do magic themselves. They might also turn the clown into ……. who knows??

Performances are possible for children from the age of 3 years upwards.

Christel Basse     Heile – Heile – Clown Filu
Derendorfer Str. 81   40479 Düsseldorf   Tel.: 0211 – 35 23 44    Mobil: 0152 - 2948 9743